...to the birthplace of Tantra at the Osho International Tantra Festival in India 2014.

Our full line up of international Tantra teachers (including Mahasatvaa Ma Sarita & Hariprem) creates a deeper guided experience into Tantra and into yourself with the theme of “The 7 Chakras”. We provide a held space which invites vulnerability, authentic transformation and pleasure!

What's On

We have a full range of Tantra Workshops exploring the 7 Chakras, Tibetian Tantra Pulsing workshops, Biodanza workshops plus morning meditations and Yoga

There are a range of evening activities with some world class concerts, performances, as well as ceremonies, Djs and parties!

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Set in a luxurious Eco Village in the South of Delhi the festival venue is both easy to get to and also an escape from the noise and poulltion of Delhi.

This oasis sets a standard with clean healthy vegetarian food, beautiful grounds and buildings and a little magic in the air.

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Healing Temple

In our healing temple spaces we have some incredible bodyworkers, healers and session givers who will be offering session slots through out the festival.

There will be "Love Angels" - experienced tantrikas of both sexes who will be available for emotional support and guidance.

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Baul Mystics

A Baul Mystic is arriving to share secret tantric teachings alongside the incredible Baul Musicians.

The word “ Baul “ originates from Sanskrit and essentially means an eccentric who has conquered all external sense perceptions - totally absorbed in divine love.

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Tantra Tour

India is a magical place. We have arranged a beautiful trip for those who have taken part in the festival to continue their journey with some of the Tantra teachers to some special places and sacred sites in Northern India.

This year we are visiting the Golden Triangle.

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Living Tantra

In "Living Tantra" we allow co-creation to emerge where people are drawn to where their skills and passions lie in inviting ongoing projects and connections. .

This experiment will be one the 22nd and 23rd November. There is no fee for it as we all create it together.

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Cacao Ceremony

Using 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao - working with this plant medicine in a tantric way helps us to open the heart chakra and clear any blocks to living as love

The power of this ceremony alone in this setting is incredible!

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What's On

Welcome the 2nd International Osho Festival of Tantra, Music and Dance! 16th - 21st Nov 2014

logo-ZorbaWe are really excited to announce the Osho International Tantra Festival 2014 in India – the birthplace of Tantra!

This has a full line up of international Tantra teachers including Mahasatvaa Ma Sarita & Hariprem creating a guided experience deeper into Tantra and into yourself with the theme of “The 7 Chakras”. We aim to provide a really held space that allows for vulnerability and authentic transformation as well as a lot of fun and pleasure.

Supporting them will be some fantastic dance teachers, offering Biodanza and Ecstatic Dance.

KHAJURAHOIn addition we are your one chance to see the Baul Musicians that everyone is raving about this year. They, along with a host of other musicians will be providing us with beautiful evening concerts, White Robe meditations and Dance Parties with selected DJs.

Other attractions will include daily Osho Active Meditations, Tibetan Pulsing, The Love lounge, Family Sharing groups, Carnival, Talent Show  plus 3 acres of beautiful village grounds.

There is also a team of healers offering sessions in Tibetan Pulsing, Tantra Massage and more.

You will be supported and catered for in your growth regardless whether you are arriving as couple wanting to deepen your connection or single and wishing to interact more with other participants. Self regulation and feedback are very much encouraged.

What’s more we are really excited to announce Living Tantra a 2 day experiment in Tantric Community and co-creation.

See the Tantra Festival Schedule 2014.