The Osho
Festival of Tantra
Music & Dance in India
The Senses
18th - 23nd November 2016
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We are really excited to announce the Osho International Tantra Festival 2016 in India - the birthplace of Tantra! We will be especially sensual this year with our theme of "The Senses" which is woven into our festival. We have a full line up of international Tantra teachers (Sarita, Sadhan Darvesh, Laurie Handlers, James Stevenson, Shashi, Niten, Anahata - plus more tbc) creating a guided experience deeper into Tantra. We aim to provide a really held space that allows for vulnerability and authentic transformation as well as a lot of fun and pleasure.

Supporting all this will be afternoon Biodanza (Niraj) classes which help bring us together as well as tantra tools - specially designed workshops covering some of the most fundemental and important aspects of tantra to help you get the most out of the festival.

In addition we are your one chance to see the Baul Musicians. They, along with a host of other musicians will be providing transforming the space as Living Tantra, while White Robe meditations, Rituals and Evening Performances and Dance Parties with selected DJs and a Talent Show fill our Evening Entertainment.

buyTickets (1)Other attractions will include daily Osho Active Meditations, The Love lounge, Family Sharing groups & Carnival  plus 3 acres of beautiful village grounds. There is also a team of healers offering sessions in Breathwork, Inversion Therapy, Access Bars, Tantra Massage and more.

You will be supported and catered for in your growth regardless whether you are arriving as couple wanting to deepen your connection or single and wishing to interact more with other participants. Self regulation and feedback are very much encouraged. What's more we are really excited to announce Living Tantra a now 2 day experiment in Tantric Community and co-creation, starting with the Cacao Ceremony and finishing with a Sannyas Celebration - kept alive throughout by the incorrigible presence and teachings of the Baul Mystics!