After the Festival

After the Tantra Festival we have a range of events that you can join for your continuing program in India.

Living Tantra, 24th-25th November 2016

Our experiment into co-creating a tantric community together. Once the festival finishes, the teachers will step out of their roles as guides and facilitators and join in with everyone else in building a tantric community sharing our “inner beloveds” – the baul mystics will be meandering though this space with their special brand of magic. More about this here.

Nataraj Dance Festival, 29th Dec 2016 – 3rd Jan 2017.

This festival is the highlight of the year at Zorba the Buddha, dancing away the old and celebrating the coming of the new – filled with spiritual dance forms such as Biodanza, Contact Improvisation, Tantra Dance and with choreography classes such as Bollywood, Bhangra & Belly Dance – In addition there is a special New Year’s eve cacao ceremony, New Year’s Day Purification Sweat Lodges, soft Tantra workshops and more…