Divine Masculine

Learn the skills to be the best you can be - 21st - 24th November 2019

About this retreat.

This 3 day retreat offers an opportunity for both men to find the growth and opening that can occur through working with members of their own gender. To expore the issues alive for men and how to align ourselves with our core and offer love and strenght to the world from this place. The first 2 and a half days will be working only with our own physical gender and staying in that polarity.

The culmination of the event on the last day will be a sacred re-unification ceremony where the men from the Divine Masculine and women from the Sacred Feminine workshop meet. It is important to say that this ceremony does not include sexual contact, rather it is about a deep recognition and honouring of the opposite physical sex and also about recognizing the qualities of the masculine and feminine inside of ourselves and honouring those parts and healing any wounds that might have existed around these.

It is a perfect introduction to the Tantra Festival that follows and will be a requirement to attend this event first before joining the tantra festival if one is not yet experienced in tantra because it will give the tools and integration needed for the festival.

This event allows you to skip the waiting list for men at the Tantra Festival.

Divine Masculine

This group is about men supporting men in being powerful, sensitive, authentic, open-hearted men they can be, so that they can share their deepest gifts with other men, women and the world.

Coming to this group is a choice to reclaim your individual manhood, to stand in the light of your own awareness as a man among other men as brothers. During this group we share practices and precepts to cultivate groundedness, sexual energy, confidence and sensitivity. We include our experiences on what it is to be a man, in particular in terms of sex and relating, and learn about the Tantric masculine way of being and how to integrate that into relating. We will also be teaching taoist sex practices which help with male sexual health and issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Taught By Deva Ashik

Ashik is on the path of the unity in service of Sacred Sexuality. His meditation practice and teachings focus on the body, revealing the holiness of everything. He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics to Sufism.He is a Sannyasin deeply touched by Osho’s Active Meditations and Tantra practice.

Ashik is a certified Learning Love teacher, based in Portugal. He is a qualified therapist in Tantra, Yoga, Breathwork, Abdominal Massage and is currently studying Somatic Experience.

Ashik is also the founder of Awakeland Portugal meditation retreat centre, a space he has created for people to experience collective enlightenment as an individual process.

He believes that the great shift is to stop trying to change and accept what is, in sync with Mother Earth and Heart acceptance. Ashik’s joy is expressed through gratitude and celebration of life.


The Venue

The retreat is held at an eco village on the outskirts of Delhi called Zorba the Buddha. It is is held is a three-acre property that includes award-winning gardens, work studios, accommodations, a meditation hall, a common building, dance and performing arts hall, and outdoor performance spaces as well as many beautiful water features.

The buildings are in accordance with the ancient wisdom of Vastu, which harmonizes man-made structures with their natural environment. Click here to view the website

Practical Information

The retreat starts at 5pm on the 21st November and runs until 6pm on the evening of the 24th with an honoring Ceremony.

Tuition Fee: 12,360 INR or £130 (tuition/course fee , includes 3% stripe charges)

Accommodation Options:

Shared Occupancy in 2 person Deluxe Accommodation or 3 person appartment: 9240 INR (includes PayPal and bank processing charges)

Single Occupancy in Deluxe Accommodation: 13860 INR (includes PayPal and bank processing charges)

Accommodation is booked directly with the centre – reservations@zorbathebuddha.org

Dates: 21st – 24th November 2019

Food includes 3 delicious and very healthy vegetarian meals a day – starting from Dinner on the 21st at 8pm, until Lunch on the 24th.

Venue Address is: Zorba the Buddha centre, 7 Tropical Drive Mehrauli – Gurgaon Road , Gitorni.  New Delhi – 110030 , India.

You can book directly here using a credit card – if those payment options are not suitable you can also book direct with the Enrolment Lead: Punam – Happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

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