Love Lounge

Exploring as God and Goddess


The Love Lounge

We welcome you to the love lounge– a place where you can explore and discover yourself through all your senses as God and Goddess meeting inside and out. This held space will be open in the evenings and is a place to relax and hang out at the end of the day and also where you can meet others and enjoy the range of experiences that are available to you.

It will be divided into various sense experience zones, as well as having a more social tea station where you can relax and chat closer to the entrance. Dive in, enjoy!


“All senses are on the same level and there should not be any hierarchy. But you live through the eyes: eighty percent of your life is eye-oriented. This should not be so; a balance has to be restored. You should touch also, because touch has something which eyes cannot give. But try: try to touch the woman you love or the man you love in bright light and then touch in darkness. In darkness, the body reveals itself; in bright light, it hides.” OSHO

Are you ready?

Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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