Maya Devi

Maya Devi – woman, dancing in the flow, leader of women’s circles, mysteries, woman tantra and intuitive dance. Guide of the return to the body and feelings through dance and movement.
Many years of dance from early years, such as classical choreography, modern dance, and martial arts and yoga, later tribal, have led to the creation of their own unique dance style, which can call as “Streaming dance”.

“Streaming dance is a dance, during which the alchemy of the interaction of music, dance and the viewer takes place in a unified synchronization of the movement of rhythm, melody, body and soul. Dance allows you to live music through the body, open it through movement, materialize it. Dance is an element that wants to live and manifest through the body of music, and music looking for a dance as a found form of its sound, and together they create a celebration and a flowering of life.”

Maya Devi performing with Avi Adir.