Sannyas Ceremony

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Sannyas Ceremony

10671269_10152578300378719_9060630693338610146_nThe Living Tantra will include on the evening of Monday the 2nd December with a special Sannyas Ceremony where Sarita and team will help initiate those who are making the jump to be Osho Neo Sannyasin’s. This is a high energy ceremony that touches everyone who is present. Sannyas has a very special fragrance as per Osho’s descriptions – it is not to become part of a religion or cult but a declaration of a deep intimacy between yourself and existence. Here are some choice words from Osho to help you understand the meaning of this decision.

“Up to now sannyas has been tethered to a master who initiates someone into it. But sannyas is not something which anyone can give you as a gift; it has to be received directly from the divine. Who else but God can initiate you into sannyas? When someone comes and asks me to initiate him into sannyas, I tell him, ‘How can I initiate you into sannyas? Only God can initiate you. I can only be a witness to your being initiated. Get initiated by the divine, the supreme being, and I will bear witness that I was present when you were initiated into sannyas. My function is confined to being a witness, nothing more.’ A sannyas tied to the master is bound to become sectarian. It cannot liberate you; instead it will put you in bondage.” OSHO

“Sannyas means courage more than anything else, because it is a declaration of your individuality, a declaration of freedom, a declaration that you will not be any more part of the mob madness, the mob psychology. It is a declaration that you are becoming universal; you will not belong to any country, to any church, to any race, to any religion.” OSHO

DSC_7817“The disciple is not a follower; the disciple has simply fallen in love. You don’t call lovers followers. Something has clicked in his being, in the presence of someone. It is not a question of him being convinced about his ideas. It is not a conviction, it is not a conversion, it is a transformation. The moment a seeker comes in contact with one who has found, a great synchronicity happens. Looking into each others’ eyes, without saying a word, something that they have never dreamt of suddenly becomes the greatest reality.

It is not belief, because belief is always in philosophies, in ideologies. It is not faith, because faith is in fictions for which nobody can find an argument or evidence – it is trust. What relates the master to the disciple is trust. Trust is the highest flowering of love. And how can love make anyone a slave?

The very fact that it is love that joins the master and the disciple is enough indication that the master will prepare every possibility for the disciple’s freedom; otherwise, he will be betraying love and no master can betray love.

Love is the ultimate reality. He has to fulfill it in his actions, in his words, in his relations, in his silences. Whatever he does, he has to fulfill only one thing: that is his love. And if a person is groping in the dark, a disciple has come to him… only a priest can exploit him, a politician can exploit him. They are in search of followers – both the priest and the politician.

10678832_10152578300193719_5671466644372919351_nThe politician and the priest are agreed on one point, that they need followers; only then can they become somebody. And they have divided their territories: the politician has taken the mundane world and the priest the spiritual. Between the two of them, they have made the whole of humanity slaves. They have destroyed everybody’s freedom.

The greatest contribution has come from a few masters who managed not only their own freedom but also the freedom of those who loved them. It is simply inconceivable… If you love me, how can I enslave you? If you love me, then I will rejoice only in your freedom. When I see you opening your wings into the sky towards the unknown, the far away, the mysterious… that will be my joy; not that you are tethered to a certain dogma, creed, cult, religion, philosophy.” OSHO

“And it has now to be a known and recognized fact that my buddhafield is not going to be confined to the small place where I will be living with a few thousand sannyasins. All the small communes, ashrams, centers, all over the world will become little buddhafields. We have to fill the whole earth with buddhafields! We have to create a chain of buddhafields. And it can be done: if you can take some of my joy and some of my love and some of my laughter with you wherever you go, you will be taking the fragrance of the buddhafield there. You will be taking seeds.OSHO

This Ceremony will happen on the evening of the 2nd December the end of the “Living Tantra”.

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