Biodanza Workshops

"I" exist because "we" exist

Biodanza Workshops

We have some amazing Biodanza Sessions during the festival, here is a little bit about this system that has so much in common with Tantra:

Biodanza is an incredible system of human development and integration, which celebrates the identity and soul of beings encouraging it to shine forth through all the cultural conditioning into being and into expression.

At the heart is the dance process of ‘Vivencia’. As described by Rolando Toro (the creator of Biodanza), Vivencia refers to the ‘intense perception of being alive, here and now. It is the intuition of the living moment’. Vivencias (normally lasting up to two hours) become doors to access primal emotions that enable movements to emerge that are the most natural expression of your true self. Inhibition and rigidity brought about by our social conditioning is challenged and released slowly, as you progress entirely at your own speed.


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Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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