The Healing Team

Take time to nourish yourself

Healing Temple

As well as all the workshops, concerts, parties and events we also have a dedicated Healing Temple. Here there will be a small team ready for emotional support each day who can help you with any strong emotions that have been stirred up, questions about what is happening or just a good hug and a cup of tea. In addition to this support we have arranged for some incredible bodyworkers, healers and session givers who will be offering session slots through out the festival.  A full brochure of these will be available in the healing temple with more details and prices.

Elaine Young

Elaine is a Sexuality, Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator and Guide. She facilitates events for ISTA and her own offerings in London and overseas. Elaine has a busy private client practice in London.

Elaine utilises skills from more traditional Tantra, Shamanism, Transformational Somatic Sexological Bodywork  and Breathwork. She loves to work with the integration of sexuality & spirituality , the body, the mind and the soul energies. Elaine’s work with clients often begins with reonnecting them to their body and their sexual energy.  She longs to support clients to live life as emotionally and sexually expressive beings. Her passion is for wholeness embracing the light and dark elements of sexuality, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming /intregation of your Shadow.


Dharmaraj is a Tantra teacher with Tantra Essence, and ‘Elite Certified Tantra Educator’ (ECTE) with Source School of Tantra Yoga, holistic healer, transformational facilitator, and intimacy coach. A Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Dharmaraj left his career as a medical professional in the US to follow his soul calling of becoming an international Tantra teacher and healer.

Dharmaraj gives integrative holistic healing sessions, combining elements of Tantra, Tachyon healing, Colour Light / Colorpuncture Therapy, Shamanism, Angelic Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and massage. For his bodywork offerings, Dharmaraj offers Mystic Tantra Massage, Kashmiri Tantra Massage, Sacred Yoni Healing Massage, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, and Intuitive Healing Massage.

Dharmaraj’s dexterity with a myriad of healing modalities contribute to his proficiency in providing comprehensive holistic healing based on the clients’ individualized needs. He offers sessions, coaching, and groups in Europe, Asia, and USA.


Ruth Biddlecombe

Ruth offers sessions to individuals, pairs and partner groups who wish to run the erotic and emotional energy of the archetypal dynamics present in their relationships through to release. The aim is to collapse linguistic and energetic polarities into the heart centre so that each person involved (whether present in the session or present through energetic connection) are released from false binaries and enabled to freely move forward with their evolution. 

Ruth uses her unique blend of Shamanic, Tantric and Systemic & Family Constellation skills to create safe containing spaces where ancestral patterns can be transformed, releasing those doing the work and future generations.

Milou Ananda

Milou has her background in Yoga, Tantra, Psychology and Spirituality. Her own yoga practice started as a 12 year old girl, doing Asanas together with her mother. Today, she has teacher training in Asthanga Yoga from Sweden and India. She has a BA in Neuropsychology from Karolinska Institute and studied both Medical yoga and Mindfulness in a clinical western format. She has been living in India for 2 years, studying Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation as well as an assistant and teaching herself. She has been studying Conscious Sensuality and Tantra Massage in Hawaii Islands, US.

Milou is deeply fascinated with the body as a vehicle for the universal spirit – using tools like breath, sound and alignment to get in contact with our deeper nature of Stillness and infinite potential. In her profession she is both teaching classes and gives private therapeutic sessions in Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and Tantra.

Mario Cosmico

Mario has his bodywork therapy foundation from the best global masters and has been sharing his healing gift all over the world for the past 12 years. His passion to travel and unmatchable energy has brought transforming exceptional results of long-term effect to the patients in more than 35 countries. Having discovered this treatment due to his own personal injury, he has soon embraced it as his calling and dedicated his life to master his unique technique with solid experience and now continues to spread his work globally.

His treatment style is life changing deep-tissue bodywork, full of energy and dedication to each patient’s physical and emotional history and deep respect for the individual body’s healing abilities. He is globally recognized as one of Top Healers having his unique customized method that he developed with the experience of combining The 5 Elements of Life activation within a human system and Body Awakening Energy techniques – this unique modality normalizes the internal energy flow, releases deep emotional blocks, increases the capacity of prana (life force energy in the human body) by intense breathing throughout the session, relieves any kind of physical muscular tension or joints pain, activates the work of all the chakras and awakens the vitality of the Life Force energy across the spinal cord. This kind of healing allows the patient to feel stronger inner confidence, self love and attributes to healthy longevity of the body’s natural system.

Li Fang

Lifang Huang has trained from a young age in Taiwanese-style Shiatsu massage and Thai massage in Taiwan and Thailand. Over the years she has created her own therapy styles combining various techniques she has learned during her many years of practice. Tibetan Sound Bowls is one of her domains of practice.
The Tibetan Sound Bowls help to sooth pain, stress, anxiety and opens the body to be receptive to healing, The music that emanates from the bowls also helps to balance the five elements and assists with the healing process and inner journey. The different sound layers of the singing bowls have a unique tonal quality to take our mind into a deep meditative state.
She lives and practices in Paris and Chamonix. She spends her time between Europe, India and South-East Asia where she can be found giving healing sessions at many conscious gatherings.
The following videos demonstrate some of her sessions with various clients around the world. Lifang Huang Video 1 Lifang Huang Video 2 Lifang Huang Video 3 Listen to Her Music Online