Dhyan Yogi

Dhyan Yogi is originally a theoretical astrophysicist. After discovering Osho and Tantra, he directed all his energy and passion of researcher to the inner research, starting his spiritual tantric path and a new life. He studied Tantra and practiced Osho meditations with the master Ma Ananda Sarita. At the same time, fascinated by the shamanic path, he became Ritual Trance Dance and Soul Hunting Facilitator, learning it directly from one of his creators, Wilbert Alix. He extended his formation with groups on relating and sexuality at Osho Humaniversity, on women and yoni healing with Robert Silber, on shamanism at the International School of Temple Arts, and on Tantra massages in different schools.

Today Dhyan Yogi devotes his life to expand consciousness using Tantra, Osho meditations, shamanic rituals, and helping individuals and couples to rediscover their own true being, energy and flow of love. For this he created the school “Conscious Tantra and Shamanism”, giving private sessions and facilitating groups in Europe. www.conscioustantra.org

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