Discover Ecstatic Dancing

Let dance become your prayer, let music be your altar


Ecstatic Dance

Music permeates our identities. It can keep us driving and focused in some repetative movement that just needs to work its way out or slow and soft as we feel a vulnerable part of ourselves. It can stir deep emotions that we did not know were there and allow us to express them.

In ecstatic dance a prayer is being expressed that arises from within. The journey might be alone or at times connecting with others but always we are in an energy field together – influencing and creating a mandala of beings. Here you do not just dance with your body as an empty form but one that contains your whole life and relationships, so your meditation is a movement through all that you are, and those aspects are there journeying with you.

You will find yourself naturally moved through moments of high energy, flowing, stillness, and connection with others by the music without any need for explicit guidance.

“Dancing is not just a movement. When a movement becomes ecstatic then it is dance. When the movement is so total that there is no ego, then it is a dance.”   OSHO


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