Hariprem & Kaulika

Hariprem is Osho sannyasin since 36 years. He is teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung (the path of Tao) for more than 20 years. In 1999 he founded the OshoLeela LoveMysterySchool, to share the experience and wisdom of their Tantric Transformation, with his partner Gitama. Since 2010 he entered in a space of aloneness, a space of contentment and gratitude; a space of freedom. A new quality opened up, where he opened his wings to the Divine.

In his teaching he brings his experience on the path of Tao and the path of Tantra together. Both paths meet in the Heart, which is the place where transformation of the human energy into the Divine becomes possible.At the Indian Osho Tantra he met his shakti Kaulika who was travelling with the Baul Mystics, and have been falling in love ever since. They went into a deep journey and stopped teaching for some time to honour that together. They are now ready to share the fruits of that experience teaching together.

The Divine is to be found inside one’s own being, and the Heart is the meeting point of the material and spiritual dimensions. Only through the Heart transcendence becomes possible, transcendence of all dualities, transcendence of life and death, transcendence of yin and yang, transcendence of Shiva and Shakti… In the Heart we are all one…..

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