Satyarthi Prateek

This Tantra Nectar event is a golden opportunity to begin the journey of self-awareness, self –love and spiritual awareness. It offers potent keys for achieving success in the internal and external world. It is a powerful process for awakening energies within your body and channelizing them for your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.

There is a tendency to live with strong condemnation of ourselves. We are our own worst critics. There is no self-love and true appreciation of oneself. From the very beginning, our education, religion & society imprints on us that our sexual inclinations are inappropriate, never considering the innate sexual nature of mankind. This results in suppressing our carnal needs and desires which leads to a lot of frustration and sexual shame. This in turn creates so much energy stagnation in our body. To live life in its full potential, it is very important to come out of sexual shame & trauma and fully embrace and accept our sexual energy, learning to master the awakening and control of it.


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