What’s On

What’s On

We have a full schedule of events each day starting with the option of an early morning meditation or yoga before breakfast and then the morning gathering where we all come together, dance, find out what’s happening that day and connect in family sharing groups. After this there are a series of workshops to choose from thoughout the day and an evening event where we can relax or dance with musicians, gong baths, cultural performances or some ritual.

tantraTantra Workshops

Every day there will be a choice of 4 different tantra workshops, these will focus on differing aspects of tantra and will have differing levels of intimacy and depth to ensure you can find an experience that feels “just right” for where you are at in that moment. Personal boundaries and existing partnerships are deeply honoured in this, and being in feedback and regulation are emphasized, so you can feel safe to experiment and find your edges knowing you are held. Find out more here.


BiodanzaDance Workshops

We are blessed to have some fabulous dance facilitators joining us and as well as dance every morning there will be Biodanza workshops most days. So you can really let yourself go into your body. Find out more about Biodanza here.



healingtempleHealing Temple

In our healing temple spaces we have some incredible bodyworkers, healers and session givers who will be offering session slots through out the festival. There will be “Love Angels” – experienced tantrikas of both sexes who will be available for emotional support and guidance. More information  and list of healers here.

TablaConcerts & Music

As well as DJs and parties we are also blessed to have music from the Bauls and Fakirs joining us for a special concert as a highlight of the festival. In addition some fantastic musicians will help guide us inwards in a “White Robe” meditation which involves music, dance and video satsang from Osho. More information can be found here

Osho Active MeditationOsho Active Meditations

This is an Osho festival and it wouldn’t be complete without these famous active meditations. A different one of these will be held every morning before breakfast for that vital kick start to the day. Designed for the western body/mind these are the perfect tantric combination of moving one’s energy through shaking, chanting or praying then coming to rest in meditative awareness, synthesising the feminine and masculine practices.

Man with head in clouds with earth eggLiving Tantra

Our experiment into co-creating a tantric community together. Once the festival finishes, the teachers will step out of their roles as guides and facilitators and join in with everyone else in building a tantric community sharing our “inner beloveds” – the baul mystics will be meandering though this space with their special brand of magic. More about this here.



CacaoSacred Cacao Ceremony

This is planned for the day after the festival to start of the Living Tantra for those interested in making a connection to the spirit of this plant. You can find out more about this here.