Living Tantra

Relax in the afterglow, 9th -10th March

Living Tantra

What is Living Tantra?  The living tantra movement is to continue the tantric field and connections in between festivals and workshops and to integrate them into our lives. In this teachers step down from being the guides and facilitators as everyone now has a chance to practise what we have learned as a community. Some teachers will be available for sessions however (as is true before the festival starts).

In this we allow co-creation to emerge where people are drawn to where their skills and passions lie in inviting ongoing projects and connections. For this event there is a loose idea to bring our “Inner Beloved” out to meet others and share in the tantric energy – the baul mystics will be wandering, playing and teaching through this space. How this happens is up to us together and we look forward the magic that unfolds.


This 2 day experiment will be from the 9th – 11th March. There is no fee for it as we all create it together. However, accommodation and food are still charged by the centre – this can be arranged on a daily basis directly with the centre (if you know you are interested in advance then please tick when booking)

A special ceremony for Holi celebration will be included on the 10th.

On-going support for this movement will be provided with some form on-line presence where connections and ideas can be continued.


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