Xavi Domenech

A contemporary mystic, he is actually one of the most recognized masters of Tantra in Spain and abroad. He defines Tantra as “to let oneself be touched by Existence.”

At the young age of 16 he began the search for Self by exploring different aspects of Tantra that rapidly and completely changed his life. As a result, this lead him to decide to abandon all social and cultural activity to further understand and delve into the spectrum of Tantra. Soon after, he came across Osho.

Within his more than 15 years of teaching experience, he has guided hundreds of courses and thousands of people. Thanks to his great communication skills, he manages to create an atmosphere of love, presence, relaxation and confidence that allows participants of his courses to delve into the transformative alchemy of Tantra in a comfortable, safe, liberating and inclusive way.

The pinnacle of his teachings is undoubtedly his 3 year-long group of personal transformation: the Tantra Training and the Tantra Teacher Training. It is offered in Spain, South America and in India, and he is its director and teacher. He is also trained in Taoist alchemy, chiromassage, Namikoshi Shiatsu, acupuncture (Akenabe method), family constellations, codependency, healing the inner child and Pulsation (bioenergetics). www.tantra.training www.tantra.es www.formaciontantra.com


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